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Public relations, media placement, marketing

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Public relations, media placement and marketing
Media campaign coordination
Media relations (STRIKE op-Eds)
STRIKE Journalism mention monitoring

Public Relations

Advocacy Ink will get your issue the “ink” you need to win. Armed with our media relationships and your message, we’ll help you succeed. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Op-ed placement
  • Coordinating meetings and Google hangouts with industry reporters
  • Local and national talk radio show bookings
  • Press conference planning, on location or online
  • Local and national television interviews
  • Editorial board meetings
  • New media strategies and blogger outreach
  • Book tours and film promotions

Media Placement

Who is your intended audience, what is the message they need to hear and what do you want them to do?

We place ads across all platforms: print, broadcast and digital.

We’ll work with your pollster or market research to target the precise demographic you need to reach. With many digital properties, we can geo-target right down to the city block.

By the way, there’s nothing we love more than planning more non-traditional outreach, whether it is on metro transit systems, mobile billboards that drive around the opposition’s HQ or aerial advertising.



We find your voice and help you communicate a strong message, whatever the platform may be:

  • Media kits
  • Issue briefs
  • Marketing collateral development
  • Speeches
  • Commercial scripts
  • Social media content
  • Campaign communications

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